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trimming & conveyors systems


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Sprout trimming machines

The latest addition to our machinery line up, is the semi-automatic sprout trimmer which is capable of trimming 19,000 sprouts per hour. The success of our trimmer design is due to it's simplicity, making it the most reliable machine of it's type on the...

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Broccoli floretting machines

Our single lane decorer or floretter is an innovative machine providing a fast yet careful means to automatically separate the core and florets from cauliflowers and broccoli. Conforming with current European safety standards, our single lane cauliflower and...

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Cauliflower decoring machine

Our latest labor saving, twin lane decoring machine operates at 120 heads per minute and offers a very high yield due to the range of blade sizes available. The new SMJ series decorer is designed to be virtually maintenance free, requiring only regular bearing...

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Conveyor systems

We specialise in vegetable handling, so our systems are designed with minimal transfer points. Where it's absolutely necessary to transfer the product, we aim to achieve the smallest possible fall, for a smooth transfer with the least amount of damage to...

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Worldwide Installations

Whatever your project requires and wherever you are in the world, we manufacture the machinery and have the experience you need.


We have equipment installed in several countries, spanning all of Europe, including our home in England, Scotland, Norway, France, Spain, Italy and Serbia


Companies from both ends of the Americas have trusted in our equipment, from Canada and California, to Mexico and Chile.


Mainland Australia and Tasmania are home to some of our decoring machines.

MHME Lincolnshire ltd

MHME Lincolnshire is a small specialist vegetable handling engineering company with a large focus on customer satisfaction.

Not only do we offer the best food processing equipment, but we also have all the knowledge and experience that ensure that you get the best use from it.

We help with all aspects of fitting our equipment into your existing processing lines, and can supply factory layout drawings, giving you the most efficient and most cost effective solutions.