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Cabbage Decorer
& Segmenter

Our single lane cabbage decoring and segmenting machine is designed to prepare red or white cabbage prior to shredding for coleslaw or sauerkraut.

Cauliflower Decorer

Single Lane Cabbage Decorer & Segmenting Machine

Single lane cabbage decoring and segmenting machine designed to prepare red or white cabbage prior to shredding for coleslaw or sauerkraut.

This processing machine can be used to decore and segment cabbage from 100mm to 300mm dia product and operates at 30 Heads per Minute. It can decore or segment separately or both at the same time it gives a very high return on yield and is a great labour saving machine. This new updated decoring machine is designed to require the minimum of maintenance & lubrication.

Hygiene is of the highest importance in modern processing, this machine has removable guarding and is manufactured with stainless steel mesh panels for easy access for foam and hot water wash downs. All guarding is fully interlocked using dual circuit switches.

The machine can be supplied with customer specific blade diameters for decoring and only takes minutes to change. Also the segmenting blades can be supplied to cut halves, thirds or quarters.

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The operating principle of the machine is that the HDP product carriers in which the product is placed upside down ready for decoring are mechanically indexed, between each index is when the core is removed and the cabbage segmented if required.

  • The core is separated and ejected out of the machine via a chute into dolavs.
  • The machine will be supplied in 304 Stainless Steel with 316 stainless shafts etc.
  • All plastics will be HDP500 or better and polypropylene modular belting.
  • All removable guards will be fully interlocked electrical Spec ISO 13849 1 - 2006.
  • The machine will require 20CFM of air at 100 PSI.
  • It will require 400 Volts 3 Phase Electrical Output and will be Approximately 6 AMPS.
  • The main Drive motor is 2.2 Kw.
  • All safety circuits are 24Volt DC.
  • Dimensions: Length - 5200mm Width 1000mm Height 2100mm.

Single Lane Decoring Machines

The machines feature a separate core conveyor that can exit to a side to suit your requirements.

Adjusting the bed height for bigger or smaller florette sizes is simple and only takes a few seconds.

All product contacts points are either 316 stainless steel or high density polythene (HDP).

All opening guards feature safety switches that automatically stop the machine when opened.

Fully opening or removable guards offer ideal access for hygiene and maintenance purposes.

All internal machinery / electronics are manufactured to the highest standards and conform to EU safety standards.

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