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Cauliflower Floretting

Our twin lane decorer or floretting machine is an innovative machine providing a fast yet careful means to automatically separate the core and florets from cauliflowers and calabrese.

Conforming with current European safety standards, our twin lane cauliflower and broccoli floretting machine is capable of processing up to 120 heads per minute.

Broccoli Decorer

Twin Lane Cauliflower & Broccoli Decorer Specifications

Our latest labor saving, twin lane decoring machine operates at 120 heads per minute and offers a very high yield due to the range of blade sizes available. The new SMJ series decorer is designed to be virtually maintenance free, requiring only regular bearing lubrication and visual checks.

Hygiene is of the up most importance on modern food processing equipment and this is where our decoring machine rises above the lower quality imitations on the market. All our decorers feature fully opening and removable guarding, fitted with interlocking safety switches which stop the machine when opened. Our guards are made with stainless steel mesh and allow easy access for foam and hot water wash downs.

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Blade changes take just 2 -3 minutes, wheather for a different size or a change of product.

The operating principle behind the original and best decorers available, are the 36 HDP (High Density Plastic) 1000 grade carriers, in which the products are placed upside down, ready for decoring. These carriers, fixed to two modular belts, are driven by a motorised gearbox which in turn drives an indexing gearbox, creating the stop start motion. From the same motor, a second drive system creates a mechanical movement, lifting the blade in and out of the product. The pneumatically operated cutting blade assembly removes the core from the broccoli or cauliflower, separating it from the released florettes.

Both the product carriers and modular belts are mounted on an adjustable bed, offering total adjustment of the depth of blade cut into the product. This is adjusted manually and only takes seconds.

The florettes are then tipped, usually on to a modular flighted elevator and the separated core is ejected onto another modular elevator on your desired side.

The decoring machine is supplied in 304 stainless steel, with 316 shafts and product contact points. All plastics are HDP 500 or higher and the modular conveyor belting is polypropylene. Control panels are built to ISO 13849-1-2006 specification and safety circuits are 24 Volt DC.

Our twin lane decoring machine in action

Demonstrating how simple the original and best decoring machine on the market is to use.


Twin Lane Decoring Machines

The machines feature a separate core conveyor that can exit to a side to suit your requirements.

Adjusting the bed height for bigger or smaller florette sizes is simple and only takes a few seconds.

All product contacts points are either 316 stainless steel or high density polythene (HDP).

All opening guards feature safety switches that automatically stop the machine when opened.

Fully opening or removable guards offer ideal access for hygiene and maintenance purposes.

All internal machinery / electronics are manufactured to the highest standards and conform to EU safety standards.

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Twin Lane Cauliflower & Broccoli Decorer Specifications

Optional Blade Sizes:


83mm, 96mm or 112mm diameter

Core Discharge Height:



Floret Discharge Height:


Elevator Dimensions Optional

Optimum Throughout:


120 Heads Per Minute

Infeed Width:


400mm modular belt



Variable Speed 1.1kW a.c. Motorised Gearbox

Power Supply:


415V 3 phase 5 amps max

Minimum Air Supply


20CFM @ 100psi



(Overall Width) - 1150mm



4000mm + Elevators




Approximate Weight:


1500 kg